Medical Biotechnology

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The main activities of the Medical Biotechnology Research Group include the determination of disease agents at protein and gene level for human health, the production of molecules for diagnostic purposes, the development of biopolymer microspheres, recombinant antibody and peptide structures for the treatment of diseases, and tissue engineering studies. The activities of the unit also cover the production and characterization of human primary and adult stem cells, the establishment of cellular technologies for protection, treatment and vaccine development.

Fields of Activity and Interest

  • Molecular diagnostic technologies (oligonucleotide synthesis, DNA sequence analysis, whole genome sequencing, single and multiple gene expression analysis),
  • Biopolymer technology and tissue engineering,
  • Controlled release technology,
  • Nanostructures and Their Biological Applications,
  • Human cell technology (Stem cell production, primary cell production, in vitro toxicity and biocompatibility studies),
  • Genomic and proteomic studies related to human diseases,
  • Development of recombinant antibody and peptide structures,
  • Vaccine technology (Development of classical and recombinant vaccines),
  • Molecular immunology,
  • Molecular Oncology,