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Throughout existence, humankind has always wanted and tried to be healthy and to remain vigorous as in young ages. Despite many troubles, it has managed to handle this challenging struggle. It has realized that it can overcome difficulties when it adopts the reason without deviating from the truths of science.

Despite the negative effects of aging every year, we have always been in the pursuit of the answer to the question “How can I remain healthier?”. Our approaches in this pursuit become a part of our lifestyle.

However, the combat with the irreversible changes in our metabolism and the accompanying diseases becomes more difficult with each moment we live. Especially after 40's, things start to get a little more difficult. We evolve to live and age with what we have loaded on our bodies. Because, man is what he eats...

Even though nutrition is a necessity of life, we should not consider it as just consuming food, but we should also think about consuming the right foods with goodwill, considering what effects they may have on our metabolism afterwards.

The lock-and-key mechanism of the changes in our health relates to how we live and what we eat, in addition to psychological aspects. This mechanism is so important that, in case of any failure among the elements, our health may slip through our fingers. Therefore, it is of great importance to see the whole picture by making adequate and balanced nutrition a lifestyle without ignoring psychological aspects.

Food safety is an important field of food science that needs to be handled seriously to make foodstuff source of health and wellness. As consumers, we should not consume only what is served, but become individuals who produce and struggle for healthier products.

The TV program addressed the matters to be taken into consideration for staying healthy by a healthy diet and the points to pay attention for kitchen hygiene with right approaches as part of our food guide.

The TV program “Rhythm of Life”, which is aired on TRT 1 channel every morning from 08.00 to 09.00 and anchored by Cardiovascular Surgeon and the Chief Physician of Yeditepe University Hospital Assoc. Prof. Halit YEREBAKAN, hosted our colleague Erdem ÖNER from the Food Institute on Thursday, 17 December 2020.