Countdown for TÜGİP! We accelerate innovation in food industry.

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With the participation of all relevant parties in the food and beverage industries, TÜBİTAK MAM Food Institute leads the formation of a food research, technology and innovation community.
TÜGİP is Turkey’s leading food innovation initiative aiming to make the food value chain more sustainable, healthy and innovative.

From Tradition to Future...

The riches of our traditions in food is combined with technology.
TÜGİP carries our breakthroughs to future by providing human resources and research infrastructure to domestic producers so that they can realize their innovative ideas.

TÜGİP serves as a catalyst in turning consumer needs into innovation.

In November and December 2020, we held 17 workshops with a total of 440 participants from 71 provinces in 22 regions; and 100 of the participants were from companies. We allowed exchange of information on food sector R&D and Innovation Studies in the regions.

We discussed the challenges in R&D and Innovation, the regional needs of the sector and the barriers encountered.

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