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PCT/IB2015/051765: Water Dispersible Sterol/Stanol Enriched Polyphenol Rich Herbal Teas in Aqueous or Powder Forms to Reduce Total and LDL Cholesterol Levels.


European Patent Office (EPO): EP15714942.8

Turkish (TR) Patent No: TR 2017/13347


European (EU) Patent No: 3267808 (24.04.2019)

German (DE) Patent No: 3267808

French (FR) Patent No: 3267808

British (GB) Patent No: 3267808

Irish (IE) Patent No: 3267808


Japanese (JP) Patent No: 1018.PCT.39-JP (2020)

Korean (KR) Patent No: 1018.PCT.39-KR (2020)


Patent Application No: 2022/000292 Effective pastel/chewable tablet against SARS-CoV-2